We believe that providing an affordable space for creatives, entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to do either, will grow businesses and build relationships that serve the community.

Our vision

Communion Cowork will ultimately provide support and collaboration for entrepreneurs, those who work from home, and owners of small businesses. More importantly, a sense of community and togetherness will be introduced to bring about real connections.

Professionals will be encouraged to share ideas, experiences, and advice, and the space itself will set the tone for easy communication, inviting a variety of skill sets to congregate in one place. Overall, horizontal and vertical relationships will be built so that people are drawn closer to one another for the benefit of our community.

But it’s the promise of innovation and community that makes coworking most appealing. It only makes sense that organizations and small businesses find that they gain more from working together, rather than alone. This type of collaborative working doesn’t mean you surrender your independence and lose your individuality, but instead share resources and space – and in the process find common ground with each other, lend expertise, and share ideas.
— from Working in the UnOffice from Night Owls Press